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I involved in SAP system administration focusing on system health, performance and capacity in 2006. Since then, I have delivered several critical SAP projects without single performance incident as a performance leader for the customer which was very worrying about performance impact on their platform from the project as well as performance of developed solutions.  This was achieved by customer and project’s endorsement of a total performance control strategy which is built into each phase of a SAP project. I have also resolved  numerous production performance incidents/concerns both proactively and reactively. Help to set up performance control process and promote best practice in performance evaluation/control in SAP service operation domain. SAP keeps improving its’ products and solutions via existing/new methodolgy or technology. All postings on this website are reflection of author’s experience with then-existing SAP products, solutions and technology.

This blog

It is my intention to use this blog to share my knowledge in SAP Capacity, Availability and Performance management areas. I have gained those knowledge through my job experiences, education/ training and self-learning. I would mainly focus on application performance and related system performance. I would like to cover following topics:

    • Performance control in SAP development/Project – I would like to talk what performance work should be carried out to ensure that project solutions are delivered with good performance.
    • Performance management in SAP operation support – I would share type of proactive/reactive performance work in production box.
    • SAP performance transactions/tools – I would talk about tool themselves and how I have used them to analyze performance issues.
    • Cases study – I would go through performance cases I help resolved.

It makes me feel great by providing information which might help a larger community than the company/people I am working with.


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